How it works

So How Does This Program Work?

We have developed a unique program that works. Using marketing and sales processes, we find, contact, pitch, and book corporate jobs for your company. 

It’s a simple yet effective marketing and sales strategy that has served our clients very well over the years. Now we can use that experience to benefit your company! Please note that We will only work with one event company in any single region (see dedicated areas section). Once we agree to work with a company, we will not take any competing business from that region during the duration of the working relationship with the initial company. 

The action plan will consist of multiple levels of marketing and direct phone sales that will result in hitting the goals we set together. You will have dedicated appointment setters on your region’s team who will make initial contact with prospects. This appointment setter will set up a phone meeting with a senior event specialist who will make the actual sales pitch, create a proposal, and close the deal.

We typically target events between $10,000-$100,000, though there will often be larger ones available and some in the 5k-10k range closer to your location. Generally, we will not get involved if your business cannot manage $400,000-$750,000+ of additional corporate revenue in the first 18 months. 

In addition to sales, we will help you create a marketing strategy and campaign that will help open doors and create a name for your company in the entire region.

A typical marketing budget includes creating a picnic-style website/landing pages and some direct mail.

What is the Investment?

Investments help cover management of the sales team, marketing work, operational overhead., content creation for materials and websites, general consulting, etc. This will be on a 1099 status and billed at the beginning of each month. Fees are based on a 12-month agreement.

There are a couple of ways to get started:

Option 1:

$2,500 per month base pay and 10% commission of gross sales made by the Best Picnics team. (Fully payable upon receiving the initial deposit from a client).

Option 2:

$1,250 per month base pay and 15% commission of gross sales.

Appointment Setters:

It's important to understand that we will help you book full turnkey corporate events. This includes event entertainment, catering, tables, tents, chairs, and everything else needed to support a large event (power, restrooms, security, staffing, entertainers, etc). Don't let this list make you nervous. The Best Picnics team has helped already successful companies with no experience in areas like catering learn how to master every detail of it and grow their revenue streams substantially. Also, things you don't offer can be booked out to other vendors.

What Else to Know: