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You Just Found Your “Secret” Corporate Event Booking Weapon

If you have an event rental /planning company and are looking to grow your corporate event sales, you are in the right place.

Who we are

Our “Best Picnics” team makes it easy for you to get more corporate bookings and grow your business in a big way. We don’t simply teach you this and then hope it works out… we literally do it for you. Ever wonder how some companies land the biggest company picnics and other events? Or how they stand out from the pack and dominate their markets?

Our team has spent over 30 years in the events industry and understands how to open the doors to the corporate world, especially securing highly profitable events such as company picnics, employee appreciation events, holiday parties, and more. We have worked behind the scenes with some of the most successful event companies throughout the United States. We are their “secret weapon” to landing the best events and have been quietly doing this for the past few years with great success. Now we are expanding the program, and it’s available to an extremely limited group of people who want to grow their business in corporate work.

We Make It Easy to Get More Large Corporate Gigs

Let’s face it, most companies in the rental and events industry don’t know how to attract the attention of large corporate customers (think Fortune 500, etc.), let alone get a meeting with them, create a killer proposal, and book their big events, which can range from $10,000- $200,000 +…. (Hint; it’s not SEO)

That’s why we created this “Bookings in a Box” program. We take the stress and time out of trying to book large company events and do the heavy lifting for you. This lets you focus on what you do best – organizing amazing events and parties. 

We created our company to give you a competitive advantage in booking the best corporate gigs. We also provide you collaboration opportunities with our team to ensure your events are top-notch, all for a highly affordable investment.

It’s time to turbocharge your events business. Become part of the Best Picnics family today and give yourself the competitive advantage you deserve!

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Who is This Program For?

This program is created for medium to larger event companies that want to book larger corporate events such as company picnics, employee appreciation days, holiday parties, fall festivals, and more. It’s not designed for smaller companies, as a financial investment is needed to get going. We only work with a company that is financially stable and ready for growth.

Our management team and appointment-setting team, known as “Best Picnics,” will open the door to large corporate events for your company. Their track record of marketing to, selling, and landing large corporate events includes companies such as Walmart, Marshall’s, Mars, AT&T, Microsoft, Caterpillar Inc., Polaris, NASA, McLane, McKee Foods, Harley Davidson, Toyota, and many more.